Publishing Ethics Statement

Authorship Responsibilities

The paper must be an unpublished original research (except the review). It must be not published, in press, or submitted elsewhere, and not distorted, cheated or plagiarized in whole or part from other works. The paper does not involve any state secrets or any infringement of intellectual property rights, does not contain any illegalities or any infringement of others’ legal rights.

The citation of others’ work must be clearly indicated in the main text and listed in the references at the end of the paper. The humans, institutions or funds, which support the work, should be acknowledged in the paper. Once the submission was accepted, it will be deemed that the author/s grant their right of reproduction and dissemination to the journal.

The paper will be submitted for peer review and the authors have the opportunity to recommend or oppose proper reviewers. All authors must make substantive contributions to the research or the paper writing, and are ordinal listed according to their contributions. All data of the paper must be real, accurate, and authentic. If mistakes are found in a published paper, the author/s must provide an apology, correction, or retraction, as appropriate.

Reviewer Responsibilities

Peer review plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of the paper. Reviewers are in the central and critical part in the peer review process, but may be unaware of their ethical obligations without the guidance. Journal has an obligation to provide transparent policies for peer review, and reviewers have an obligation to conduct reviews in an ethical and accountable manner.

The journal adopts single-anonymous peer review, that the reviewer is anonymous to the author/s without the reviewer’s permission. Reviewers must disclose to the editor/s any potential conflicts regarding the referring paper or its authors. Once the reviewer agree to review the paper, he/she should reply the comment as soon as possible.

All comments should be made equitably and objectively, only considering its scientific value, regardless of the authors' background, such as gender, religious/political beliefs or ethnic background. Reviewers should treat papers under review as confidential materials, forbid to disseminate the data, opinions and conclusions of the paper in any form without permission.

Editor Responsibilities

The editor is responsible for all editing procedures of the journal. The editor should deal with the submission timely and impartially. Either the authors’ research or the reviewers’ comments should be respected.

The editor has the right to accept or reject the submission, including the direct rejection without peer review based the originality and importance of the submission and the scope of the journal. At the same time, the editor has the obligation to keep the real materials in all stages of review.

The editor has the obligation to investigate the academic misconduct. Once the academic misconduct occurs in the submission or the published paper, the editor must take corresponding measures. To the submission, the editor keep the right to reject or return to rewrite. To the published paper, the editor has the right to correct, retract and apologize, as appropriate.
        As the journal adopts single-anonymous peer review, the editor has the obligation to keep the reviewer anonymous to authors.

Copyright and Licensing
By submitting the work to this journal, the author/s agree to grant the jounal an exclusive right to publish the submission. Once the submission was accepted, it will be deemed that the author/s grant their right of reproduction and dissemination to the journal.
       Authors also grant the journal a right to grant any third party the right to use the article as long as its intergrity is maintained and its orginal authors, citation details and publisher are identified.

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